Hi :)

i am not a parody account.

Terms and conditions
Everything on the http://ezvaar.wordpress.com link is managed by #ezvaar. I have the right to expression. The site host and or its author, #ezvaar or others, will not be held responsible for anything. We believe anyone with a mind is responsible for their existence. (‘I’ & ‘author’ refer to the admin; ‘We’ refers to all human beings alive. More terms and conditions of site can be found at http://ezvaar.wordpress.com/about/terms-and-conditions)

Sex: Male
Cyberjunkie since: 1999 March
Location: South Africa (Foursquare)

Contact me
Tweet: @ezvaar
Google hangout: ezvaar
Email: makhavelli@ovi.com

Audio: SoundCloud
Blog: Blog posts of a parallel mind
Images: Twitpic, Flickr
List: Twelders
Video: Youtube Channel, Twitter content

Twitter trophies
Made SAA to get verified
2005 #UnforgetedYear & Bad breath turn off by Trendsmap South Africa

One thought on “About

  1. Anonymous

    JZ why he step down# am bored just imagine a kraal of animals has been build by millions. While the are stil homeless people

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