… activating superconscious mind

Consider Everything... Believe Nothing

Your superconscious mind serves as your personal advanced avionics and guidance system. To use this mind, you first determine your exact destination or goal. You write it down, thereby programming it into your subconscious mind. When your goal is clear to your subconscious mind, it is passed over to your super-conscious mind, which then works on it twenty-four hours a day until your goal is achieved and your destination is reached.

The superconscious mind has been known and talked about throughout human history. Mystics and religious teachers have called it the “God Mind.” Ralph Waldo Emerson called it the “oversoul.” Carl Jung referred to it as the “collective unconscious.” Napoleon Hill referred to it as “Infinite Intelligence.” He concluded that the ability to activate it was the primary reason for the success of the wealthiest people in America. It is also referred to as “intuition,” “gut feeling,” “instinct,” or “the…

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