The Complete Human Story – Digits by words

Order and good
Then “.” was fullstop
But 1 was existence
Silence finally had a voice, word and name
9 was ezvaar
2 is still oneness
3 change, 4 manifestation
5 the individual in individuality
6 eternal
7 infinity
8 a 7 and zero good.

Being and Nothingness
Since there was nowhere to place good
Man was enlightened
After the wheel, civilization was
Being was
Just as just, so is it
Nothing, the “it” of being itself
Then no one knew it
But they could act as zero good
As if 7 infinity corners could be counted
The name left
The word, made manifest
The voice, only the 5 individual
Then oneness without change
Eternal became mine
ezvaar a name of names!

Let them not look up to me
Human, yes, candy, no

Left, I left right 90 left
Nothingness as is the space between them
Tshepiso, Absolute Being, 3MEW
PO, left with his butt naked as 6’s
The orange, color, fruit, bound by earth
Rightly fake heaven by the bond
All of it by His arse, PO Himself
Learn, Know, Understand
Experience, Information, Knowledge,
Data is the mother of all
The Cartesian Plain
Seeker, Language, Biology, Maths, Morality
Theology, History, Physics
The Totality of OUR story to-day

Practical Theory Of Oncology
Of all existence is in physics and biology
Oneness, finds itself there
Reality gives rise to that of 5 senses
Then of solid soil, liquid water and gaseous oxygen balances of biology
Then counts the individual in individuality
In language it expresses infinity, by it eternal
As eternal is the observer, so physics and language in its biology
None believes in its theology
History, a just witness by morality
Mathematics a father