These are my attempts at being an author and a taylor of words, I have the right to sue anyone using these works without my consent. I know my rights :)

My web books


This’a manual I been dying to put down. These are series points about the summary of existence. Made up of six chapters, I try to explain my non dual perspective on what is and what is not. In no way am I an expert, I’m just the translator of my own ratchet reality.

  1. Human Government
    My views on Black Twitter South Africa. Initially ‘The Twitter Book’ on my previous host, I renamed this tittle but left its contents as they are. Herewithin I look at many levels that make themselves manifest in and on my TL and of those I follow and those they follow. Manners, standards of thinking, state of minds and mostly the beneficial part for the whole twitter universe from this phenomenon.

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