The Human Government

“These works are dedicated to those who came before and after us, they are written to those who read.”

The Automatics of Existence.

All rights reserved.

This is a manual about things, everything.
Everything is connected and never seperated.
All attemps within this manual explains how,
Everything is connected and never dual.

The Book of Happening Things.

The first chapter: Good
Good is the only side of things,
Everything is good, everyone is good,
All things are pure, anyone is pure,
Good is the pure element of being,
Being is the only thing good.
Good was in the beginning, even before and without, good was with the beginning, good was the beginning. Good is today, today man reasons, reason is the beginning. Beginning a human government is good, good is the human government. Government is individualistic, because good is one. One person, wrote these.

This is the structure of The Human Government.
The goverment is made of humans serving the truth. The truth is, only good is worth serving.
Individuals are parts of the whole government, and government serves truth, and truth is good. All works serve the truth, which is good, and good is within all humans. Humans are united in division, and division is good because good is one.


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